Hey all,
I've been lurking on NAFEX for awhile and have been a member of another board for a few years, but you all seem to post a lot more pictures :-)

I'm a second-year general up in western Montana, and here's a couple of pictures to get you started:

My merlin (Vangi) is on the right, and my buddy Richard's (Muwala) is on the left. This was 2009-2010 season.

'08-'09 PFRT Cinder [Photo by Kate Davis)

And finally my first bird, my kestrel Rocket. Always have a soft spot for that first bird and especially for this little guy. He flew into a wall and broke his neck. (Photo by Kate Davis)

Been working on a goshawk for this year...unsuccessful on locating a nest and have been trying for a passage bird. Nothing yet but it's still VERY early. Enjoy!