Just interested in getting a column started from anyone who has attempted or used clicker style training - see what is being tried - finding others successes. Last year with a passage RT, I attempted with great success and want to carry it further this season. While text I have read makes it seem complicated, it was quite easy for me. As soon as the bird recognized the call to the fist, I would hide the tidbit. When she would come, I would click then expose the tid. After only 5-6 times, the bird would land, look at me for the click, then once heard, would look at the fist. then I would expose the tid. She would fly back to the training perch on her own, I would click, she would look, call her back, click, expose. The first free flights and teaching to follow, the click worked in close, but not farther, so I transfer from it to a bright LED keychain light. Call to the fist, click, flash the light in her face, then expose. The transfer was easy. The first time free flying (hawk already key to the glove raising with or without the whistle), i would drop the fist when she was within 10' and turn and walk away. She landed on a fence post beside me, i clicked and flashed, then called her, then once on the fist, clicked and flashed then exposed the tid. The first evening teaching her to follow progressed like I have never seen in 15+ years of hawking. She would follow three/four times with a flash each time. I would walk 50' then I would give her my come forward signal (raised fist, then swung forward like "come on"). When she would come, I would walk away and as soon as the bird landed, she would immediately look at me for the flash, I'd give it, then walk again. The bird wouldn't let you get 25yrds before following without the signal. Of course every 3-5 times, I would call to the fist, flash when she landed then expose. This was the first evening. The next day my wife and I hiked the 90 acre farm with this bird following constantly like a dog. I then set to teach other desired behaviors using the flash method. In the middle of a field, I waited, bird 150 yrds away. I was just doddling around, the bird becoming impatient flew out over head and circled. I waved my bare hand in circles above my head (the signal) , then flashed repeatedly. She drifted down wind then back over, I flashed and signaled again repeatedly. The bird at about 50' or so above my head looking down at me knew what it meant and waited on. I called, she dropped like an elevator to the fist, I flashed then exposed. Lesson learned. 6 of her first ten rabbits she took from the same waiting on position, and will come out and look around when I give the same signal. She blasted her first season, and I am pumped as this one gets in gear. I know others have been experimenting with this new form of training and I am interested in hearing more. Before, I only had the call to the fist. No way to reinforce other desired behaviors. The clicker/flash concept the bird learned quickly, and it enabled me a way to say "good, I like what you just did. A reward is coming" then reward. The redtail is smarter than most give them credit for. Love to hear from you.

Kurt -Indiana