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I was thinking the same thing about food association. I'd like to get to be able to touch and do things around my FHH's feet more. She has grabbed my right had(tidbit throwing hand), when I'm messing with her feet on the perch. I wonder how it would work to touch her feet and then tidbit? Yikes...
lol you should start a new thread Tim, titled: painless OC! lol

I do exactly this with my birds to avoid them seeing my right hand as always having food in it and footing me in reflex. I HOLD the jesses tight when I work with the bird on the glove, and do the high-level tidbitting which often will lessen the instinct of the hawk to foot the hand. But the jesses are restrained! I use OC to desensitize my birds to physical manipulations, at first I reward for very short duration acceptances, then I work toward longer manipulations. It works.